arm1 [ärm]
[ME < OE earm; akin to L armus, Goth arms, OHG arm: see ART1]
a) an upper limb of the human body
b) in anatomy, the part of the upper limb between the shoulder and the elbow
c) in nontechnical use, the part of the upper limb between the shoulder and the wrist
2. anything resembling this in structure or function; esp.,
a) the forelimb of some vertebrate animals
b) any limb of an invertebrate animal
3. anything commonly in contact with the human arm; esp.,
a) a sleeve of a garment
b) a support for the arm on a chair, sofa, etc.
4. anything thought of as armlike, esp. in being attached or connected to something larger [an arm of the sea, a yardarm, the arm of a balance, an arm of the government, etc.]
5. power to seize, control, etc. [the long arm of the law ]
6. Baseball Football ability to pitch or throw a ball
an arm and a leg
a very great amount of money [it cost me an arm and a leg]
arm in arm
with arms interlocked, as two persons walking together
at arm's length
at a distance emotionally so as to avoid intimacy, the appearance of favoritism, etc.
☆ put the arm on Slang
1. to arrest or restrain
2. to request a loan or donation from
with open arms
in a warm and friendly way
armless [ärmlis]
arm2 [ärm]
[ME < OFr armes, pl. < L arma, implements, weapons; akin to armus, shoulder, upper arm (see ART1): for semantic development see ARM1, sense 3]
1. any instrument used in fighting; weapon usually used in pl.: see also SMALL ARMS
2. [pl.] warfare; fighting
3. [pl.]
b) insignia of countries, corporations, etc.
4. [a merging with ARM1 (sense 4)] any combatant branch of the military forces
[ME armen < OFr armer < L armare, to arm < arma: see the n.]
1. to provide with weapons, tools, etc.
2. to provide with something that protects or fortifies
3. to prepare to attack or to meet attack [reporters armed with questions]
4. to make ready or equip with parts needed for operation [to arm a missile with a warhead]
1. to equip oneself with weapons, as in preparing for war
2. to prepare for any struggle
bear arms
1. to carry or be equipped with weapons
2. to serve as a combatant in the armed forces
take up arms
1. to go to war or rise in rebellion
2. to enter a dispute
to arms!
get ready to fight!
under arms
equipped with weapons; ready for war
up in arms
1. prepared to fight
2. indignant

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